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The Reek of Rotting Flesh Tour

FUNEBRARUMxxlAb dem 16. Mai touren die US-Deather Funebrarum gemeinsam mit Phrenelith durch Europa. Hier die Daten der “The Reek of Rotting Flesh Tour”:

Tuesday 16th May: Oslo, Norway – Revolver
Wednesday 17th May: Copenhagen, Denmark – Pumpehuset
Thursday 18th May: Berlin, Germany – Tommyhaus
Friday 19th May: Wroclaw, Poland – Ciemna Strona Miasta
Saturday 20th May: Warsaw, Poland – Poglos
Sunday 21st May: Vilnius, Lithuania – nAurati
Monday 22nd May: Gdansk, Poland – Protokultura Club
Tuesday 23rd May: Prague, Czech Republic – 007
Wednesday 24th May: Day off
Thursday 25th May: Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Baroeg
Friday 26th May: Rennes, France – Mondo Bizarro
Saturday 27th May: Paris, France – Le Klub
Sunday 28th May: UK – Nambucca
Monday 29th May: Antwerp, Belgium – Kavka
Tuesday 30th May: Göttingen, Germany
Wednesday 31st May: Hamburg, Germany Bambi Galore
Thursday 1st June: Helsinki, Finland – Lepakkomies
Friday 2nd June: Pori, Finland – Finnish Death Metal Maniacs Festival


XXL Tipp Necrophobicxxl

Das hörst Du Dir an:

Dautha - Brethren Of The Black Soil

dautha coverxxl

Rivers Of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name

Rivers Of Nihil2018xxl

Ascension - Under Ether

acension 2018xxl

The Grotesquery - The Lupine Anathema

the grotesquery 2018xxl

Sect Pigs - Crooked Backs

Sect Pig  Crooked backs

Traitor - Knee-Deep In The Dead

traitor knee xxl

Gravestone - Sickening

Gravestone Sickeningxxl

Oksennus - Kolme Toista

Oksennus  Kolme toista

Varathron - Patriarchs of Evil

Varathron  Patriarchs of evil

Usurpress - Interregnum

usurpress 2018xxl

Pungent Stench - Smut Kingdom

pungent stench coverxxl

Judaswiege - Ashes of the Heretic


Nihil Invocation + Funerary Temple - Occultic longing for the essence

Nihil Invocation  Funerary Templexxl

Stillborn - Crave for Killing

Stillborn  Crave for killingxxl

Kingdom - Putrescent Remains Of The Dead Ground

Kingdom  Putrescentxxl

Twitching Tongues - Gaining...

Twitching Tonguesxxl


Wir suchen Verstärkung!

xxl rock shirt neu bild 2

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