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Lantern - kündigen neues Album an

Lantern 2017xxlAm 17. März werden die finnischen Death Metaller Lantern ihre neue Scheibe „II: Morphosis“ via Dark Descent Records abliefern. Auf der Homepage vom on Decibel Magazine wurden nun zwei neue Tracks online gestellt.
Die Band kommentiert: “Black death over the fields of red! It has been said that Lantern's sophomore album II: Morphosis is a riff record, and the album’s opener is here to demonstrate this is not just empty hype. The crooked progressions, slimy vibes and otherworldly melodies will explain why this song had to be bestowed with a name as blunt and primitive as “Black Miasma.” Don't get us wrong: this song oozes darkness, disease and death, but it does so with style and taste. It's also further proof that the band is not keen on repeating itself, however still managing to keep that 'familiar yet so different' feel Lantern has carried throughout its 10-year long path."


1. Black Miasma
2. Sleeper of Hypnagog
3. Hosting Yellow Fungi
4. Cleansing of the Air
5. Necrotic Epiphanies
6. Transmigration
7. Virgin Damnation
8. Morphosis
9. Lucid Endlessness

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