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Woe - neuer Song “The Ones We Lost” online

woe 2017xxlDie US-Black Metaller Woe werden am 17. März ihr neues Album „Hope Attrition“ auf Vendetta veröffentlichen. Passend dazu wurde nun mit “The Ones We Lost” an dieser Stelle der dritte neue Song online gestellt.

“Hope Attrition is the result of the most intense writing and demoing process since the first album,” kommentiert Chefdenker Grigg “The long break from playing and performing gave me the opportunity to approach WOE with a renewed energy and perspective. Grzesiek acted as co-producer and under his watchful eye, I wrote and scrapped nearly another album’s worth of material before settling on these, which then saw fine tuning at the hands of the full band. The world itself provided the ultimate motivation and pushed us darker, heavier, more oppressive, resulting in the strongest work in our catalog. We are particularly proud to be working with Vendetta on this release, as they are a partner who shares our dedication to our art.”

Unending Call Of Woe
No Blood Has Honor
A Distant Epitaph
The Din Of The Mourning
The Ones We Lost
Drown Us With Greatness
Abject In Defeat

 ultha tour 2017 3

01) April 13th - Antwerp (Belgium) @ Het Bos
02) April 14th - Hamburg, "Hamburg Is Droneburg" Festival @ Hafenklang
03) April 15th - Berlin, "Vendetta Fest" @ Tiefgrund
04) April 16th - Rotterdam (Netherlands) , "Conspiracy Of The Damned" Festival @ Baroeg
05) April 17th - Braunschweig (Germany) @ Nexus
06) April 18th - Prag (Czech Republik) @ Club Famu
07) April 19th - Vienna (Austria) @ Escape Metalcorner
08) April 20th - Leipzig (Germany) "Doom Over Leipzig" Festival @ UT Connewitz
09) April 21st - Karlsruhe (Germany) "Dudefest" Festival @ Jubez
10) April 22nd - Tilburg (Netherlands) "Roadburn" Festival @ O13

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