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Vallenfyre - kündigen neues Album an

vallenfyre 2017xxlDie Todesdoomer Vallenfyre kündigen für den 02. Juni die Veröffentlichung der dritten Scheibe “Fear Those Who Fear Him” via Century Media Records an. Das Album wurde ein weiteres Mal von Kurt Ballou (Converge,Nails,etc.) im GodCity Studio produziert.

Chefdenker Greg Mackintosh kommentiert: “Most bands refine their sound over the first 2 or 3 albums. Becoming more technically adept and honing their craft. VALLENFYRE have done almost exactly the opposite. We have devolved, made things simpler and crush most of the melody under swathes of rotting noise. From “A Fragile King” to “Splinters” and now to “Fear Those Who Fear Him”, we have become more savage, more raw and less compromising!”


1. Born To Decay (01:48)
2. Messiah (02:00)
3. Degeneration (03:10)
4. An Apathetic Grave (05:54)
5. Nihilist (01:56)
6. Amongst The Filth (03:26)
7. Kill All Your Masters (02:09)
8. The Merciless Tide (05:15)
9. Dead World Breathes (00:40)
10. Soldier Of Christ (03:12)
11. Cursed From The Womb (06:41)
12. Temple Of Rats (02:49)

(Quelle: Century Media Records)


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